Nanak Cakes and Pastries is a gourmet bakery in Columbus area that has been pleasing its customers for over 20 years with specialty cakes and pastries. We continue to specialize in making cream and flour come to a life through our cakes and pastries.  We have pride in being the first ones, in Columbus, to bring, not only a rich and satisfying taste, but real light cream to these cakes! We are committed to produce delicious works of art, as well as having a helpful, friendly customer service.  Whether you need a dozen pastries or just an elaborate cake for any occasion, we will take the time to help you create an edible delight that will make your special event even more memorable. Nanak bakery is about celebration.  It's about family moments.  It may be your child's birthday, a dinner party or a wedding.  That's certainly reason to celebrate!  Nanak cakes are about enjoying those moments.