About Us

Nanak Cakes and Pastries is a gourmet bakery in Columbus area that has been pleasing its customers for over 20 years with specialty cakes and pastries. We continue to specialize in making cream and flour come to a life through our cakes and pastries.  We have pride in being the first ones, in Columbus, to bring, not only a rich and satisfying taste, but real light cream to these cakes! We are committed to produce delicious works of art, as well as having a helpful, friendly customer service.  Whether you need a dozen pastries or just an elaborate cake for any occasion, we will take the time to help you create an edible delight that will make your special event even more memorable. Nanak bakery is about celebration.  It's about family moments.  It may be your child's birthday, a dinner party or a wedding.  That's certainly reason to celebrate!  Nanak cakes are about enjoying those moments.


Wedding: Our mission is to provide the best flavor and design in the same place. call us today to taste our complimentary sample of our specialty cakes for your wedding. We are recommended by many great venders and our loyal customers. We want to create a costume design cake just for you. Please call us today to make an appointment and you can enjoy a cup of tea with us and feel free to ask any question you may have during your appointment time. Birthday: A birthday is a fun gathering for family and friends with laughter and happiness with a cake from Nanak. Cookies & Baklava:   Our cookies & Baklava are made with butter and the finest ingredients.The cookies & baklavas are sold by pound or you can just get one or two pieces to enjoy.We can box the cookies in a regular box or we can have it decorated with ribbon as a gift to a friend and family. Pastries & Cakes: We do variety of cakes and pastries. They are not too rich but flavorful . We would always have a surprise with our new flavor and creation. Cup Cakes:  We offer variety of  lovely cup cakes. Others: Occasional and Seasonal cakes:  Graduation   Bridal Shower   Baby Shower   Christmas   Valentines    Easter  and... All boxes can be decorated with our beautiful decorative ribbon for special occasions. Extra cost might apply. Cookie trays Pastry Trays available only by order. Gift cards available

Home Page – Our Location

First of all we should thank all of our loyal customers that stayed with us during our relocating and supporting us during  this time. Thank you again for your support and patience,we have come this far because of you. Tel:614 882- 8080 Please call for an appointment or email us to discuss your cake needs.

Email: nanakbakery@att.net

Custom Cakes and Desserts for All Occasions

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